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Odstock Burns Support


Since BUGS became officially established in 2000, our achievements are many and varied:

  • A Dedicated Volunteer Group
  • A quiet room
  • Improved outlook from Unit
  • Improved outlook within the Unit
  • Reclining beds for parents
  • Buggies for children
  • Emergency packs of toiletries
  • Books of information for Adults and Parent
  • Specialised Call Bells for patients with limited use of hands.
  • Information video
  • Hand Massage
  • Website
  • Newsletters
  • Discretionary Grants for Adults
  • Grants for children to attend Peer Camps
  • Conduit for other international camps
  • Attempt at peer support through children's parties, outings and workshops
  • Attempt at Adult support though formal meetings
  • Ward visiting
  • Outpatient support
  • Public Education through talks
  • Patient advocacy
  • Fund Raising through Stalls
  • Community Nomination for a Waitrose Community Grant

Contribution to:

  • Medical training in Burn Care
  • Improving Clinical Psychology
  • Local Burns Research
  • Accreditation of Unit by Bournemouth University
  • Achieving NBCR Standards of Care
  • National Strategy for Burn Care

Registered Charity Number: 1052284