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Odstock Burns Support

Become a Volunteer

Can you imagine, or perhaps you know what it is like to have a burn or scald accident. It is a sudden and traumatic event that occurs in a moment and can change life forever. It may mean a long stay in hospital some distance from the family and then a very long period of recovery during which great adjustment may have to be made.

During all this time a friendly and sympathetic person who is willing to spend time to keep one company; listen, do the odd simple errand or even help with feeding is invaluable. BUGS Volunteers fill this role and do much else to ease the lot of the burned adult or child, and even family members.

Could You Become a Volunteer?

At Salisbury District Hospital the Engage Project has been set up to enhance patients’ emotional wellbeing whilst they are on the ward. BUGS have organised for those interested in volunteering specifically on the Burns Unit to be a part of the Engage Team, ensuring they receive the training and support they require.

If you feel you would be able to empathise and support patients on the Burns Unit, please contact:

Engage Project Coordinator
Telephone number: 01722 425105

For other volunteering opportunities, please contact our Voluntary Services Team:

Jo Jarvis, Manager, Voluntary Services Department
Salisbury District Hospital
Wiltshire SP2 8BJ
Telephone number: 01722 429026

Registered Charity Number: 1052284