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Odstock Burns Support

Burn Camps

Burns camps are run for children aged 8 to 17 years, and its aim is total inclusivity. A Young Adults camp is also run for ages 18 to 23 years.

All those who attend have burn scars of some sort. Even though some are quite minor and some are very extensive, every child can take part in every activity. Many of the children have been going on camp for years and have built up very strong friendships supporting each other through social networking media even when not at camp. What is most evident is how it helps survivors of burns injuries to build their confidence.

Here is just some of the feedback we receive about Burns Camp:

  • It helped me to gain more confidence
  • I strengthened my ability to talk to people who I don’t know
  • I would like the camp to be longer
  • I’ve learnt to be patient and accept peoples different needs
  • Listening to other people’s life stories helps with ‘burning’ issues that you have prior to camp
  • The camp had a wonderful vibe, one of the best weekends we have done
  • I enjoyed the weekend, activities were cool
  • Camp helps as I can talk to people who are the same
  • I have made more friends

The camps are organised by the Frenchay After Burns Childrens Club (FAB Club) and The Burned Children's Club but BUGS finances children to go on the Burn camps every year. They also fund volunteers to help with the camp if they are sponsoring children to attend.

If you or your child is interested in attending any of the activity camps that are on offer, please contact Nicola Beavan via the Burns Unit.

Camp Dates 2019

  • National Burns Camp (11-17 year olds), Grafham Water Centre, Cambridgeshire.. 11-18 AUGUST. Sunday to Saturday
  • Jamboree (8-11 year olds), Grafham Water Centre, Cambridgeshire.. October half term, 3 nights

Registered Charity Number: 1052284