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Odstock Burns Support

Burn Support

Dan's Fund for Burns

Their aim is to be a source of practical support for Burns Survivors in need.

We can help by providing funding in the form of practical assistance (not cash) including, but not limited to:

  • Physiotherapy, massage, rehabilitation (gym/physio equipment), other essential equipment;
  • Job retraining if necessary (providing specialist equipment such as specially adapted computers);
  • Helping patients afford special make up for facial and body scarring;
  • Assistance for travel, accommodation for both Burns victims and their families if the Hospital is far from their home;
  • Psychotherapy/counselling assistance;
  • Requests for financing of vital equipment for Burns Units that NHS is unable to provide such as computerized beds, mobile bath/showers, etc.
Dan's Fund for Burns
PO Box 54394
United Kingdom
W2 7HJ

Phone: +44 (0)20 7262 4069

Changing Faces

The leading UK charity that supports and represents people who have disfigurements to the face, hand or body from any cause. We were founded in 1992 by James Partridge OBE, Chief Executive, who was injured in a car fire when he was 18 years old. Today we have a team of 25 professionals with expertise in psychology, education, employment, health and social care, media and campaigning.

Our work involves:

  • Providing personal support for children, young people, adults and families
  • Working with schools, employers, health and social care professionals to ensure a culture of inclusion for people with disfigurements
  • Campaigning for social change by working with the media, government and opinion leaders.
Changing Faces
The Squire Centre, 33-37
University Street

For all enquiries including fundraising:
Phone:+44 (0) 845 4500 275
Fax : +44 (0) 845 4500 276

Katie Piper Foundation

A support foundation founded by Katie Piper to support people with burns and scars.

Website:Katie Piper Foundation website

More Burn Support Groups can be accessed from the International Multilingual Burn Support Groups/Burn Camps database.

Registered Charity Number: 1052284