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Odstock Burns Support

Changing Faces Skin Camouflage

Changing Faces have now taken over the Skin Camouflage Service from The British Red Cross who established this service in 1975. Specially trained volunteers provide the service in hospitals and burns units, as well as doctor’s surgeries and health clinics. We are lucky to have Dorothy Maclachlan not only as an Honorary Member of BUGS (she was one of our volunteers) but continuing as our Changing Faces Skin Camouflage volunteer in the hospital. She has already attended their training session in London and is looking forward to working with them.

Skin Camouflage is a means of improving the appearance of scarring and disfiguring skin conditions. Specialist cover creams can provide effective, long lasting, waterproof cover to disguise the disfigurement and are used on conditions like vitiligo, rosacea, birthmarks, scars, tattoos, leg veins and burns. It can often make a scar less obvious even if the scar tissue is uneven in texture. The creams can be obtained on NHS prescription too.

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