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Odstock Burns Support

What We Do?

Whatever will help patients, and ideas are welcomed from them too. The committee are very creative and, amongst other things, have produced several books to help people understand their injury better. Emergency packs of toiletries were introduced in 2006, for it is unusual to have a toothbrush etc. at an accident site! A Hand Masseuse was introduced in 2008 to ease the effects of the injury. A website was created in 2005 and our newsletters moved to Facebook in 2013.

Annually, children can apply for funding to attend Burned Children’s Club camps where they spend time having fun with other children like themselves, and recently some children benefited from getting together to create a percussion CD at a special workshop. Adults have benefited from discretionary grants.

Lay volunteers are recruited with the help of the Volunteer Services Department at the hospital. Ideally volunteers have some knowledge of great trauma, if not burns, so the committee are very careful in their recruitment.

The committee consists of 2 lay volunteers and 2 NHS volunteers, with suppoort from clinicains of the Burns Unit. Without the donations received BUGS could only do the basic thing of visiting people on the ward and being present during clinic times to support people by allowing them time to chat if they want to.

Children at the National Burned Children’s Camp

Registered Charity Number: 1052284