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Odstock Burns Support

Who We Are

BUGS (Burns Unit Group Support) is a small registered charity founded in May 2000 by staff trained in burn care, and an ex-patient. It is based at Salisbury District Hospital Burns Unit and serves a large regional area, from Swindon in the north down to Southampton, Portsmouth, Weymouth and across to the Isle of Wight and the Channel Islands.

Burn and plastics patients can suffer years of pain and suffering, operations and many mental and physical difficulties. Families too can suffer long term difficulties. Post hospital support is sparse in the UK and this is fully acknowledged by the medical profession. In this region the support offered by BUGS is the only befriending support of its kind.

Although most patients come from within the region, sometimes people are admitted from other parts of the country. The map below provides approximately the region covered by BUGS (indicated inside the markers).

BUGS supports patients and ex-patients who have been burned. The small team of volunteers who organise and staff BUGS are dedicated to providing enhanced care.

Patients are supported in hospital by visits and emergency packs on arrival. After discharge friendship, encouragement and practical information for ex-patients and their families is offered. It is also possible to link individuals to professional help and advice.

The group can also recommend helpful national, as well as local organisations if appropriate.

Registered Charity Number: 1052284